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ENC Energy Consultants-Servicios


We assist energy companies and utilities in the areas of business strategy, risk management, supply negotiations and tendering to identify the best deal for their business.
We advise our clients on their strategic decisions to ensure an efficient, low-cost and sustainable energy supply that will enable them to improve their competitiveness and operations in this changing market.

Defining the commercial strategy and new business in the electricity market, focused on criteria for minimizing risk in the energy sector.


Providing assistance in obtaining export permits for electrical energy and executing your export project.


Tracking energy and power balance of market transactions, as well as capacity calculations and other procedures.

Consulting in energy generation projects at all stages of development (e.g. location, bonded zone, consignments, etc.).


Strategic support for trade negotiations on gas and electricity supply

Commercial and Strategic Consultancy

ENC - Asesoría Comercial y Estratégica

Grid Connections

Support for the processing of grid connection points, whether considered or not in the planning process, as well as dedicated systems.

Assisting in the electric grid connection process.

Construction declaration process for new facilities.

Coordination and review of studies and parameters to be submitted

to the Independent System Operator (Coordinator) in order to obtain an operating permit.

Advice and support in bidding processes for construction contracts for power lines and substations.

ENC - Proceso de Conexión a la Red

Planning and Analysis

Study and analysis of new investments or existing assets connected to the electrical system.

Electricity price forecasting for the Chilean market.

Assisting on the public bidding process for transmission projects called upon by the Independent System Operator (Coordinator).

Valuation of conventional power generation, transmission assets and NCRE.

Damage assessment due to project cancellation (insurance coverage) and study of transmission extension.

Technical-economic Due Diligence of facilities.

ENC - Planificación y Estudios

Energy Regulation

Expertise in electrical and fuel regulation.

Support in lawsuits, disputes and arbitration.

Design and assistance in the bidding process and negotiating electricity contracts (PPAs) with unregulated and regulated customers.

Follow-up to National Energy Commission’s timetable for changes compliant with Energy Regulations and the Coordinator's proposed procedures.

Strategic design of contracts and negotiations on fuel and electric energy supply.

ENC - Regulación Sector Eléctrico

Analysis of the three factors that ensure a good performance of a Control Center.

Technical preparation of center operators, testing their knowledge in electrical systems, regulations and protocols.

Run performance screening of teamwork skills, adaptability to change, tracking of structured processes and behaviors within a high stress environment.


Testing of infrastructure facilities and services that support the operation of the Control Center under different demand scenarios.

Control Center Integrity Analysis

ENC-Análisis de Integridad de Centros de Control

Description of the electrical power market aimed at executives of financial institutions, as well as international and domestic investors.

Designing business strategies, risk identification and management.

Training executives on regulatory issues.


ENC- Workshop
Go Green
We help your business capture the benefits of Renewal Energies.
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